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Find all the notes that are about English Grammar, Vocabulary for your competitive exams preference. Those files will definitely gonna help you if you are really want to learn English from basic. We have included almost all the English Grammar, Tense and related files for your for free.

You can bookmark our website on your browser, So you can read the chapter easily without being lost at half way. If you want to download the file, you can also do that in a single click too. This content will be constantly updated. All the English Grammar files we included here is best for candidates those who are preparing for competitive exams.

English Grammar Notes for Competitive Exams PDF

English Grammar PDF 
Tenses in English     Modal Verbs
Active and Passive Voice               Conditionals – Detailed Expressions
English Grammar PDF Part – 2
Gerunds and InfinitivesRelative Clauses
PrepositionsAdjectives in English
Adverbs in EnglishNouns and Pronouns
Determiners in EnglishLinking Words – Conjunctions
Active and Passive VoiceConditionals – Detailed Expressions
Tense Table in PDFModal Verbs
English Grammar & CompositionImperative
Gerunds & InfinitivesConditional Tenses
Time ClausesRelative clauses
Reported SpeechReported Speech Explanation
Past Simple Reported Statement ExercisePassive with mixed tenses
Passive with the Future SimplePassive with the Present Perfect
DeterminersEffective English
Linking WordsNouns and Pronouns
Positions of AdverbsDetailed Prepositions
The Auxiliary VerbVerb Forms
Grammar HandbookComparative Adjectives
English Grammar PDF Part – 3
Grammar 100 Questions & AnswersFill In the Blanks
English Grammar Questions 1English Grammar Questions 2
English Grammar Questions 3Active & Passive Voice 1
Imperative and ExclamatoryAntonym English
Active and PassiCollective Nounsve Voice       Indirect Speech 1
Indirect Speech 2Confused Words
Active and Passive Voice 2Expected Questions 1
Expected Questions 2Idiomatic Expressions
Mental AbilityNoun, Verb
Parts of SpeechPhrasal Verbs
Prefix and SuffixesSentence Correction
Subject-Verb AgreementCrow and Caw
General English Q&AGrammatical English
Idiomatic ExpressionsIdioms and Phrases
Linking VerbsMasculine Gender and Feminine Gender
Model QuestionsPassive Voice
Phrasal VerbsPhrases and Homonyms

English Grammar Notes PDF

English Grammar PDF Part – 4
Question TagSelected Fill in the Blanks Question & A
Selected Questions & Answers                              Spinster and Widow
Most Repeated QuestionsSubject & Verb
Most Repeated Questions 2Repeated Questions 3
Repeated Questions 4Repeated Questions 5
Repeated Questions 6Repeated Questions 7
Repeated Questions 8Repeated Questions 9
Repeated Questions 10Repeated Questions 11
Repeated Questions 12Repeated Questions 13
Repeated Questions 14Repeated Questions 15
Repeated Questions 16Repeated Questions 17
Repeated Questions 18Repeated Questions 19
Repeated Questions 20Repeated Questions 21
Repeated Questions 22Model Question
Model Questions 2Model Questions 3
Degree Level QuestionsGE Questions & Answers
Model Questions with AnswersSynonyms and antonyms
Synonyms and Antonyms 2 Tenses and Their Uses
Transformation of Sentences        Use of Auxiliary Verbs
2 Use of Erratum ( Error ) Use of Ing form (Error) In English  

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