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General English -Essential Facts [PDF]

Here we are included some of the most Important Facts that you should know for competitive exams to get maximum marks. From General English section there may 2 to 3 questions can be asked in PSC exams, UPSC, IBPS, SSC and other government plus two or degree level exams.

In this article you can find;

  • Collective nouns used for People
  • Sounds of Animals
  • Masculine Gender & Feminine Gender
  • Places for keeping things/animals
  • Forms of Government
  • Animals and young ones
  • Animals and Dwelling Places

Those are must study facts English if you are preparing for competitive exams. Those marks can easily be scored without investing too much time, also those are the questions were the candidates making more mistakes only because most of all isn’t giving any importance to it.

But, now most of all is preparing well for exams from coaching centers and they easily get those marks, if you really need to get into the rank list you should definitely know those facts.  You can bookmark our website on your browser, So you can read the chapter easily without being lost at half way. If you want to download the file, you can also do that in a single click too.

Collective nouns used for People

Collective nouns used for People
An audience of listeners A tribe of natives
An army of soldiers A team of players
A band of musicians A staff of employees
A panel of experts A regiment of soldiers
A pack of thieves A gang of thieves
A group of dancers A gang of laborers
A flock of tourists A crew of sailors
A class of students A choir of singers
A board of directors A bunch of crooks

Sounds of Animals

Sounds of Animals
Antelope – snort Badgers – growl
Bats – screech Bears – growl
Calves – bleat Camels – grunt
Cats – mew Cows –low
Deer – bell Dogs – bark, woof
Dolphins – click Donkeys – bray
Elephants – trumpet Frogs – croak
Giraffes – bleat Goats – bleat, baa
Guinea pigs – squeak Hares – squeak
Horses – neigh Hyenas – laugh
Jackals – gecker, howl Kangaroos – chortle
Lambs – bleat, baa Lions – roar, growl
Mice – squeak , squeal Monkeys – chatter
Moose – bellow Moose – bellow
Oxen – bellow, low Pigs –grunt
Rats – squeak Rhinoceros – bellow
Seals – bark Sheep – bleat, baa
Snakes – hiss Stags – bellow
Tigers –roar Whales – Sing

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Masculine Gender & Feminine Gender

Masculine Gender & Feminine Gender
Abbot, Abbess Actor Actress
Administrator Administratrix Author Authoress
Bachelor Spinster Baron Baroness
Boy Girl Bridegroom Bride
Brother Sister Conductor Conductress
Count Countess Czar Czarina
Dad Mum Daddy Mummy
Duke Duchess Emperor Empress
Enchanter Enchantress Father Mother
Father-In-Law Mother-In-Law Fiance Fiancee
Founder Foundress Gentleman Lady
Giant Giantess God Goddess
Grandfather Grandmother Grandson Granddaughter
Headmaster Headmistress Heir Heiress
Hero Heroine Host Hostess
Hunter Huntress Husband Wife
Instructor Instructress Jew Jewess
King Queen Lad Lass
Landlord Landlady Lord Lady
Male Female Man Woman
Manager Manageress Manservant Maidservant
Master Mistress Mayor Mayoress
Milkman Milkmaid Millionaire Millionairess
Monitor Monitress Monk Nun
Murderer Murderess Negro Negress
Nephew Niece Patriot Patroness
Poet Poetess Postman Postwoman
Postmaster Postmistress Priest Prietess
Prince Princess Prophet Prophetess
Proprietor Proprietress Protector Protectress
Shepherd Shepherdess Sir Madam
Son Daughter Son-In-Law Daughter-In-Law
Step-Father Step-Mother Step-Son Step-Daughter
Steward Stewardess Sultan Sultana
Tailor Tailoress Uncle Aunt
Usher Usherette Waiter Waitress
Widower Widow Wizard Witch

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Places for keeping things/animals

Places for keeping things/animals
Archives-Records Armoury-Weapons
Arsenal-Guns and military equipment Bunker-coal
Garage-Car Godown -Goods
Granary -Grain Hangar-Aeroplanes
Kennel-Dogs Pantry -Food
Strongroom-Money and other valuable things Vault -Money, gold

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Forms of Government

Forms of Government
Autocracy Government by one individual
Bureaucracy Government by civil servants
Democracy Government by the people
Gerontocracy Government by the aged
Gynocracy Government by women
Mobocracy Government by mobs or crowds
Monocracy Government by one individual
Oligarchy Government by the few
Plutocracy Government by the wealthy
Psephocracy Government resulting from election by ballot
Technocracy Government by technical experts
Xenocracy Government by a body of foreigners

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Animals and young ones

Animals and young ones
Antelope – Calf Bear – Cub
Birds – Nestling Cat – Kitten
Cow – Calf Deer – Fawn
Dog – Puppy Duck – Duckling
Eagle – Eaglet Eel – Elver
Elephant – Calf Fish – Fry
Fowl – Chick, Chicken Fox – Cub
Frog -Tadpole Goat – Kid
Goose – Gosling Hippo – Calf
Horse – Foal, Colt, Filly Kangaroo – Joey
Lion – Cub Owl – Owlet
Pig – Piglet Rabbit – Bunny, Kit
Rat – Pup Rhino – Calf
Rooster – Cockerel Shark – Cub
Sheep – Lamb Swan – Cygnet
Tiger – Cub Zebra – Foal

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Animals and Dwelling Places

Animals and Dwelling Places
Bee – Beehive Bull – Cattle Shed
Dog – Kennel Donkey – Stable
Horse – Stable Lion – Den
Pig – Sty Rabbit – Burrow
Rat – Hole Spider – Web

We hope this General English -Essential Facts helped you. Please share your valuable feedback’s/doubts by dropping a comment below to improve yourself in future. We are happy to help you.

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