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India Facts Mock Test Questions [Part-1]

Hey friends, We are newly started daily excise for your Kerala PSC preparations, this General Knowledge Mock Test Questions will sport 20 questions based on specific topic. Those mock tests will help you score some extra marks for sure and also it will increase your confidence and swipe of your fear.

In this quiz, we have added some basic General Knowledge Mock Test Questions. Participate and boost your knowledge. Check out daily for new mock tests.  Enjoy the quiz.

General Knowledge Mock Test Questions


1. In which year Panchayat Raj system was introduced in Rajastan?


2. In which state the major part of the Western Ghats lies ?


3. Which religion belongs to the Lotus Temple in New Delhi?


4. In which Indian State Pahari language is spoken?


5. Where Rajiv Gandhi was born ?


6. Suisini is a folk dance of which Indian state?


7. The first city in India where radio broadcasting was started ?


8. In which state is Keonjhar Iron ore mines?


9. In which Indian state is Bhilwara silver mines?


10. The State in India which has the largest number of Local Self Government Institutions?


11. Gopinath Bordoloi was an eminent freedom fighter and recipient of Bharat Ratna, belonged to the State of?


12. Lepchas are the tribal people in?


13. Which is called ‘the Pearl Harbour of India?


14. The second largest Union Territory in India, in terms of area ?


15. Where is National Institute of Nutrition ?


16. In which state is Almora hill station ?


17. The coastline of India including those Our Country: Facts & Figures of the islands is?


18. In which state is Bhilai Steel Plant?


19. The most abundant fruit in India?


20. Namdapha Tiger Reserve is in the state of?



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