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General Science – Chemistry Mock Test [Part- 1]

Today we are listed some of the questions based on topic Chemistry, this mock test will feature 10 questions and we will include more  Chemistry Mock Test in future, so stay connected with us for all updates.

 Chemistry Mock Test

Those mock tests will help you score some extra marks for sure and also it will increase your confidence and swipe of your fear. Participate in and boost your knowledge. Check out daily for new mock tests.  Enjoy the quiz.

1. Water gas is a mixture of


2. The metal present in Chlorophyll is


3. The compound which is known as Inorganic Benzene is


4. The metal used in high temperature thermometry is


5. Which of the following is known as the Universal solvent?


6. Contact Process and Lead Chamber Process are used in the manufacture of


7. The isotope of hydrogen that does not contain any neutrons in its nucleus is


8. The nonmetal which exists as liquid in room temperature is


9. Brass is an alloy of


10. Silver Nitrate is commonly known as


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