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Start A Successful Goat Farm in Kerala

Are you looking to start a low budget goat farming business in Kerala? If yes this article will help you find some of the best tips to make that possible. There are several low investment businesses that you can start in Kerala, on that you can pin this one very high because goat farm in Kerala requires only a small amount of money and you can double the earnings within some months.

It can be a great source of income even if you’re already an employee or not. Today most of them realized the importance of having a small scale businesses because it can drive some healthy amount of extra revenue for you. The interesting thing is mostly educated peoples are looking for those businesses as a secondary option.

Chicken, Cattle, Goats business are an excellent source for making decent money without much headache. They are very suitable in Kerala’s weather conditions. However, let’s know how to start a successful goat form in Kerala.

Steps for Successful Goat Farm in Kerala

  • Suitable Location

Before shelter works make sure you selected a suitable location which is a very important first step you need to follow.

While selecting, consider necessary amenities for goat farming like great green foods, fresh and clean water, fresh air, suitable market etc.

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  • Housing or Shelter

Starting  a goat farm is simple, we can set according to our budget. For goats, we need a clean and sustainable house/ shelter in a way that you can easily clean the wastes. It must be cleaned every day, so housing as per your needs and space available is better. Also, make sure that there’s enough fresh air flow and natural lights inside the shelter. In simple it should be more opened and well protected.

  • Buy High-Quality Bread

While you’re are planning a goat farm in Kerala, it’s very important that you did select high-quality bread, it’s the main thing that increases or decrease your earning from.

High quality and healthy bread are important for better reproduction, Jamnapyari, Malabari, Osmanabadi, Saanen, and Boer are some of the very suitable bread in our climate conditions for goat farming in Kerala. You can buy the best bread from Kerala state animal husbandry offices.

  • Well Planned Feeding

Feeding and nutritious foods will always keep them healthy, also make sure giving enough water after food. Try to feed as much as green leafs and make sure not to overfeed. Well planned or keeping a specific amount of food daily will be more suitable.

  • Veterinary Service

Generally, diseases are less for goats. If something happens to make sure you have instant veterinary service available, which will reduce your tensions and help you don’t get any serious health problem.

  • Market

Marketing/ market for goat farm in Kerala is not at all a huge headache. Before planning to sell, you should have a clear idea about the market price and estimated price. Otherwise, you may get cheated.

Normally buyers will come to you if you have enough number that actually the buyer needs. Mouth publicity is the best marketing you can get for those kinds of business. If you’re contacted by a buyer and, they will not give you enough amount of money.

If you start it large then it’s better having a buyer, mostly Muslims are the frequent buyers and they will pay anyway because they need so badly for their functions and festivals.


Hope this article cleared all of your doubts to start a small or large goat farm in Kerala. Those tips are truly and purely as per our experience. So if we have forgotten any steps about goat farming in Kerala. Please feel free to contact us through below comment section. You can also find Small Busines Ideas in Kerala for some alternative options.

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