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Human Diseases Caused By Virus, Bacteria and Protozoa [PDF]

Here are some of the important list of human diseases caused by Virus, Bacteria, and Protozoa for your competitive exam preparations. We have included all the possible information regarding the topic which includes its causes, modes, causing virus etc.

It 100% sure that you will get at least one question from General Science section human diseases caused by Virus, Bacteria, and Protozoa.

Human Diseases Caused By Virus

Find the list of Human Diseases Caused By Virus with causes and caused by details

Smallpox Variola Direct contact Skin
Chickenpox Varicella Contact Skin
Cold Rhino Virus Contact air or skin
Influenza Orthiomixo Contact Lungs
Measles (Rubella) Paramyxo Contact Skin, respiratory Tract
Mumps Paramyxo Contact Salivary glands, ears, jaws
Viral Encephalitis (Arbovirus) Domestic Animals Brain
Polio Enterovirus Contact, food, houseflies &water Paralysis (Brain)
Rabies (Hydrophobia) Rhabdovirus Mad dog Paralysis, Death, insomnia
Dengue (Break-Bone) Arbovirus Aecies(Mosquito) bite  
AIDS Human T-cell LeukamiaVirus(HTLV-3) Lav(Retrovirus) AVR Besides other, Hemophiliacs, Promiscuous indi.  

Human Diseases Caused By Bacteria

Find the list of Diseases Caused By Bacteria with causes and caused by details

Diphtheria pathogenic (disease-causing) bacterium Corynebacteriumdiphtheriae (C. diphtheriae). Contact Throat, Respiratory System


Diplococcus Contact Pain in chest, Jaundice
TB Mycobacterium Contact Lungs(fever in evening and loss of wt.)

 Plague/Bubonic Plague

Short rod (Yesinia) Rats Lymph
 Tetanus(lockjaw) Clostridium Through Wounds Muscles
 Typhoid (Enteric Fever) Salmonella Files and Food   low fever,  headache;,  nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain; or mild skin rash.
Cholera Vibrio Flies  AND Foods Muscular Cramps, Stoppage of urine(Kidney)

Human Diseases Caused By Protozoan

Malaria Plasmodium spp female anopheles mosquito liver cells and the red blood cells

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