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Here we are listed some of the Important Foreign words and phrases that are most frequent in now-days competitive exams like psc, upsc, ssc, and any other exams. If you really want to have that one mark, please be stick with it. It will surely help you to get one mark which may be a rank making question for many because many of them will not give importance to this section because it needs some time to get into your mind.

Important Foreign Words and Phrases

So friends, to study 5/ 10 words each day to complete this section easily other than trying to complete within one day. If you are preparing for PSC exams then you can surely get one mark from this section by knowing those words.

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French Words and Phrases

Agent provocateur: Person employed to undertake subversive activities
Apropos: To the point
Aide: Helper, Assistant
Aide memorie: Notes to aid memory
Au fait: Well acquainted with
Au revoir: Until we meet again
Bourgeois: Middle class
Belles Letters: Literature that has aesthetic value
Bon homie : Good nature
Bon ami : Good friend
Caste blanche : Blank cheque, full powers
Coup de grace : A finishing stroke
Coup d’etat : A abrupt change of government by force
Cadre : A list of officers
Detenu : Prisoner
Elite : A best part of society Aristocracy
En Masses : In a body
En bloc : As a whole, wholesale
En route : On the way to
Entourage : Retinue, surroundings
Entents Cordiale : Cordial understanding especially between two states
En famille : With in one’s family
Faux pas : A false step
Impass : Deadlock
Laissez faire : Leave the individual alone, Free trade policy
Marriage de Convenance : Marriage for the sake of interest rather than love.
Mon ami : My friend
Matinee : A public entertainment held in the afternoon
Nom de plume : A title or assumed name
Nom bless oblige : Much is expected from persons in high position
Par excellence : By way of special eminence
Protege : Dependent, patronised by others
Respondez sil Vous Plait : Reply, if you please (R.S.V.P.)
Raison d’etre : The reason of a thing’s existence.
Soiree : Evening Party
Tete-a-tete : A private conversation

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Latin Words and Phrases

Ab initio: From the beginning
Addenda : Things to be added
Ad hoc : For the purpose
Ad valorem : According to value
Ad infinitum : Without end, to infinity
Ad interim : In the meantime, In the meanwhile
Alias : Otherwise known as, generally indicating a variation in a name.
Alma mater : Gracious mother, applied by alumni to one’s old university or college.
Ante meridiem : Before mid-day
Ab intra : From within
Ad libitum : At pleasure
Ad nauseam : Disgusting
Alibi : Else where
Anno Domini : In the year of our Lord
Bona fide: Genuine, in good faith
De facto : In reality, as a matter of fact
De jure : By low, by legal right
De novo : Anew, afresh
De profundis : Out of the depths
Dictum: Judgement, saying
Divide et impera : Divide and rule
Et cetera : And the rest
Errata : Errors
Et tu Brute : You too Brutus
Exit : The way out
Ex-officio : By virtue of one’s office
Ex-parts : One sided
Ex-post facto : Retrospective, after the deed is done
Ex-gratia : As an at of grace
Extempore : Without previous preparation
Exempli gratia : By way of example
Facsimile : A close imitation
Fait accompli : An established fact
In camera : In secret
Incognito : In disguise
In memorium: In memory of
Ibidem : In the same place, thing or case
In toto : On the whole, entirely
Inter alia : Among other things
Ipso facto : By the very fact, actually
Id est : that is
In extenso : At full length
Infra dig : Below one’s position
Ignorantia : Ignorance of the point under discussion
In sano sensu : In the proper sense
In situ : In its original situation
Ipso jure : By the law itself
Jure divino : By divine law
Lingua franca : A common language
Locus standi : A place for standing
Mala fide : In both faith
Modus Operandi : Mode or manner of doing a thing
Mandamus : An order issued by a high court requiring an inferior court or a corporation to do something which pertains to its office
Magnum opus : A great work
Modus vivendi : A way of living or agreeing
Mutatis mutandis : With necessary changes
Obiter dictum : A passing remark
Prima facie : On the first view, on the face of it
Post mortem : Medical examination after death
Primo : In the first place
Per capita : Per head
Per diem : Per day
Per cent : Per hundred
Pro bono publico : For public good
Pro rata : In proportion
Pro temper : For the time being
Peccavi : I have sinned
Per annum : Per year
Per mensem : Per month
Persona grata : An acceptable person
Persona non-grata : A person whose states is not accepted or recognised
Post meridiem (P.M.) : Afternoon
Quantum : Quantity or amount
Quid pro quo : A tit for tat
Quod erat faciendum : What was to be done
Sine die : Without any definite date, indefinitely
Stet : Let it be as it is, let it stand
Status quo : A position in which a person or thing is or was
Subjudice : Under consideration of judiciary
Sui juris : In one’s own right
Ultra vires : Beyond one’s powers
Via media : Middle course
Vice Versa : Opposite, the terms being exchanged
Vini vidi vici : I came, I saw, I conquered
Viva-voice : With the living voice, orally
Viz : Namely
Versus : Against
Vice : In place of
Volte face : A change of front
Vox-popeli, vox dei : The voice of the people is God’s voice.

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