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Indian Geography Questions [Part -2]

Here we are listed some of the question answers based on Indian Geography for your competitive exams preferences. This Indian Geography Question Answers Part -2 will definitely gonna help you if you are really want to learn and grab a job in govt sector. We have included some questions about it and you can also find next part of this Indian Geography-based question answers on next update.

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Indian Geography Questions Answers

  1. Which is the standard meridian of India?

Ans: 82 degree 30 minute East

  1. Indian Standard Time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by _____?

Ans: 5 hours & 30 minutes  

  1. What is the North-South distance of India?

Ans: 3,214 KM

  1. What is the East – West distance of India?

Ans: 2,933 KM

  1. What is India’s total land area?

Ans: 3.28 million sq. km

  1. What percent of world’s land surface area is covered by India?

Ans: 2.4 percent

  1. Which is the seventh largest country in the world?

Ans: India

  1. The length of India’s coastline is about _____ KMs?

Ans: 7,500 KM

  1. Which Indian mountain range has a triangular shape?

Ans: Satpura

  1. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

Ans: Aravalli range

  1. What is the approximate length of the Western Ghats?

Ans: 1,600 KMs

  1. Which is the only river in India that flows in a rift valley?

Ans: Narmada

  1. Which river flows between the ranges Satpura and Vindhya?

Ans: Narmada

  1. The famous Dhuandhar Falls is on the river ______?

Ans: Narmada

  1. Which Indian state covers the 61 percent of the Thar Desert?

Ans: Rajasthan

  1. Which is India’s only active volcano?

Ans: Barren Island

  1. Which is the only mud volcano in India?

Ans: Baratang

  1. Which is the most suitable soil for the cultivation of cotton?

Ans: Black soil

  1. How many Indian states have coastlines?

Ans: Nine

  1. Which Indian state shares borders with maximum number of states?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

  1. What is the rank of India among the world countries in the total forest area?

Ans: Ten

  1. How many Indian states are situated on the Tropic of Cancer?

Ans: 8

  1. The Lushai Hills are mainly situated in the Indian state of:

Ans: Mizoram

  1. Which important geographical line is passing through India?

Ans: Tropic of Cancer

  1. Honeymoon, Breakfast Islands are situated in _____?

Ans: Chilka Lake

  1. Tehri Dam is across the river _____?

Ans: Bhagirathi

  1. Which river is ‘the Sorrow of Bengal’?

Ans: Damodar

  1. Rann of Kutch is the part of which Indian state?

Ans: Gujarat

  1. In September, 2011, India leased the Tin Bigha Corridor to which neighbouring country?

Ans: Bangladesh

  1. Aksai Chin is part of the which Indian state?

Ans: Jammu &Kashmir

  1. India’s highest peak Mount K2 is situated in which mountain range?

Ans: Karakoram

  1. The Hindu Raj mountain range is situated in _____?

Ans: Pakistan

  1. In which state is the Garo-Khasi range situated?

Ans: Meghalaya

  1. The world’s wettest place Mawsynram is situated in which hills?

Ans: Khasi Hills

In which Indian state is the places Cherrapunji and Mawsynram?

Ans: Meghalaya

  1. Which mountain range is believed to have been formed by the wastes created by the weathering of the Aravalli Mountains?

Ans: The Vindhya

  1. What is the name of the summer grass-lands in the higher reaches of Himalaya?

Ans: Bugyals

  1. Which ranges of the Himalayas are composed of ancient sedimentary & metamorphic rocks?

Ans: Lesser Himalayas (Himachal)

  1. The hill stations of Shimla, Mussourie, Nainital & Darjeeling belongs to which Himalayan range?

Ans: Lesser Himalayas

  1. Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, . Nandadevi & Nanga Parbat peaks belongs to which Himalayan range?

Ans: Himadri or Greater Himalayas

  1. What is the name of the older alluvium sediments found in the Northern Plains?

Ans: Bhangar

  1. The young or newer alluvial sediments deposited on the flood plains are known as _____?

Ans: Khadar

  1. Which plateau is situated between the Western Ghat & Eastern Ghat?

Ans: b Deccan Plateau

  1. Which is the largest plateau in India?

Ans: The Deccan Plateau

  1. What is the shape of the vast Deccan Plateau?

Ans: Triangular

  1. What is the name of the water body that divide the Andaman & Nicobar island groups?

Ans: Ten degree Channel

  1. South and Little Andaman are separated by ____?

Ans: Duncan Passage

  1. Which group of islands are broadly divided by the Eleventh Degree Channel?

Ans: Lakshadweep

  1. In which river is India’s highest waterfall Jog situated?

Ans: Sharavati

  1. Which river is known as Tsangpo in Tibet?

Ans: Brahmaputra

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