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Kerala General Knowledge Questions [Part 2]

Find Kerala General Knowledge questions which include some of the important questions related to Kerala. This will continue with daily 50 general knowledge questions. Check for latest question daily for some updated knowledge which will really useful for your upcoming exams.

Kerala General Knowledge Questions

  1. The seat of Ilayidathu swaroopam in Travancore history was: Kottarakkara
  2. The only district in South Kerala without coastline: Pathanamthitta
  3. Which boat race is known as ‘Pooram in Water’? Aranmula boat race
  4. Which was the capital of the kingdom of Chempakassery? Ambalappuzha
  5. An area in Kerala which is situated below sea level: Kuttanad
  6. Karumadikkuttan, a statue obtained from Alappuzha district is believed to be related to: Buddhism
  7. Where is Chinnakkada ground situated? Kollam
  8. The substance used to make Aranmula mirror: Metal
  9. The place where ‘Chilanthi temple’ situated in Pathanamthitta district: Kodumon
  10. Mannadi, the place where Velu Thampy Dalawa committed suicide is in the district of: Pathanamthitta
  11. The season of Sabarimala pilgrimage: November- January
  12. In which month Maramon Convention is conducted on the banks of Pamba? February
  13. Thonnakkal in Thiruvananthapuram district is famous for the memorial of: Kumaranasan
  14. Sahodaran Ayyappan memorial is at: Idappally
  15. Where is Kunjan Memorial in Palghat district: Lakkadi
  16. Whose memorial is situated at Kotayi in Palakkad district? Chembai Vaidhyanatha Bhagavathar
  17. What is known as ‘Dakshina Nalanda’? Kanthallur Sala
  18. The area known as the ‘granary of Travancore’, which is now in Kanyakumari district: Nanjinad
  19. Birth place of Saktibhadra, the author of ‘Ascharyachoodamani’: Kodumo
  20. The birth place of Chattampi Swamikal: Kannammoola
  21. Padayani is the folk arts form of the district of: Pathanamthitta
  22. The only railway station in Pathanamthitta district: Thiruvalla
  23. The boat race which held on the second Saturday of August every year: Nehru Trophy
  24. Thycal, where remains of of an ancient ship obtained is in the district of: Alappuzha
  25. The area in Kerala that receives least rain fall: Chinnar
  26. The island formed after the dredging activities of the Cochin port: Wellington
  27. The place related to Athachamayam: Thrikkakkara
  28. In which district Nedumbassery air port is situated? Ernakulam
  29. In which district is Brahmapuram diesel project? Ernakulam
  30. The headquarters of the Dutch territories in Kerala during the colonial regime was: Kochi
  31. In which district is Kodanad elephant training centre? Ernakulam
  32. The only major port in Kerala: Kochi
  33. The port in Kerala which was developed by Robert Bristo into a major port: Kochi
  34. In which district is Bhutathankettu? Ernakulam
  35. In which district is Mangalavanam sanctuary situated? Ernakulam
  36. Nehru Trophy Boat race is in: Punnamada
  37. The church where Vasco da Gama was buried at Kochi. St.Francis Church
  38. The place in Kerala where St.Thomas landed in AD52: Malyankara
  39. The International Stadium at Kaloor in Ernakulam district is named after: Jawaharlal Nehru
  40. Aluva in Ernakulam is famous for ……. celebration. Sivarathri
  41. The place known as the ‘Gateway to high range’: Kothamangalam
  42. Which is known as ‘the green lungs of Kochi’? Mangalavanam
  43. In which district is Mooriyad lake? Thrissur
  44. In which district Peechi dam is situated? Thrissur
  45. The place where an observatory was established in ancient Kerala: Mahodayapuram
  46. The corporation in Kerala without coastline: Thrissur
  47. Which temple is known as ‘Dakshina Dwaraka’? Guruvayur
  48. Silent Valley is in the district of: Palakkad
  49. In which district is J.P. Smritivana is situated? Palakkad
  50. Jainimedu, where Kumaranasan wrote ‘Veenapoovu’ is in the district of: Palakkad

We hope that these Kerala General Knowledge questions help you refresh your knowledge about Kerala. Check for daily updates here. Comment below if any doubts/ correction requires, we are happy to help you.

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