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Kerala General Knowledge Questions [Part 5]

Find Kerala General Knowledge questions which include some of the important questions related to Kerala. This will continue with daily 50 general knowledge questions. Check for latest question daily for some updated knowledge which will really useful for your upcoming exams.

Kerala General Knowledge Questions

251.The film based on the theme of ‘Othallo’ of Shakespeare: Kaliyattam

252.The film ‘Yugapurushan’ depicts the life of: Srinarayana Guru

253.The first Dolby stereo film in Malayalam: Kalapani

254.The first film directed by M T Vasudevan Nair: Nirmalyam

255.The first Malayalam film to get Golden Camera award in Cannes film festival: Maranasimhasanam

256.The first state in India to start the cultivation of Rubber: Kerala

257.The headquarters of Kerala Agricultural University: Mannuthy

258.The largest strike organized by the Communist party in Kerala: Punnapra-Vayalar

259.The Malayalam film in which Latha Mangeshkar was a playback singer: Nellu

260.The Malayalam film in which no woman was acted: Mathilukal

261.The poet who revived Kathakali: Vallathol

262.Which crop is known as ‘the gold of the wasteland’? Cashew

263.The first film in Malayalam was made based on a literary work: Marthandavarma

264.The first Malayalam film that was nominated for Oscar: Guru

265.The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal: Neelakkuyil

266.The first film society in Kerala: Chitralekha

267.The first film to get the award of Govt. of Kerala for best film: Kumarasambhavam

268.Which district has the least area under paddy cultivation? Idukky

269.Which district in Kerala has the largest area under paddy cultivation? Palakkad

270.Which vesha is usually used for female characters in Kathakali? Minukku

271.The Keralite who wrote a book on ‘Karl Marx’ in 1912? K Ramakrishna Pillai

272.The king of Travancore who encouraged Tapioca cultivation: Visakham Tirunal

273.The largest mural painting in Kerala: Gajendramoksham

274.The mural painting ‘Aghoramoorthy’ can be seen at the temple of: Ettumanoor

275.The slogan ‘American Model Arabikkadalil’ is related to: Punnapra-Vayalar

276.The year of split in Communist Party: 1964

277.The youngest Malayalam actress to get national award for best actress: Monisha

278.What is called the ‘king of spices’? Pepper

279.What is known as ‘queen of spices’? Cardamom

280.What is known as the ‘grains of paradise’? Cardamom

281.Who led Communist Party of India(Marxist) in Kerala after the split? EMS

282.The first rubber park in Kerala: Airapuram

283.Which is the cash crop cultivated in the largest area in Kerala? Rubber

284.Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time in: 1920

285. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the last time in: 1937

286.In which year ‘Abstention movement’ was started in Travancore? 1932

287.Karivellur strike was in: 1946

288.Kayyur strike was in: 1941

289.Name the newspaper launched in 1942 at Kozhikode as the mouthpiece of Communist party in Kerala: Desabhimani

290.Narayana Guru established ‘Adwaithasramam’ at Aluva in: 1914

291.Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishna Pillai was banished

from Travancore for alleged charge of sedition, in the year: 1910

292.Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishna Pillai was passed away in: 1916

293.The first Malabar political conference was held under the aegis of Congress and Home Rule League in: 1916

294.The prohibition on the Communist party was withdrawn in: 1942

295.The publication of ‘Desabhimani’, the mouthpiece of Communist was started in 1942 from: Kozhikode

296.The year in which Kerala Kaumudi was started publication under the leadership of CV

Kunhuraman with Mooloor S Padmanabha Panicker as editor: 1911

297.The year of Morazha incident in which KPR Gopalan was sentenced for capital punishment: 1940

298.Under whose leadership Kochi Rajya Prajamandalam was formed in 1941? VR Krishanezhuthachan

299.Veenapoovu, by Kumaranasan which marked the beginning of romanticism in Malayalam, was published in ‘Mithavadhi’ in: 1907

300.The district which is the largest producer of Coffee in Kerala: Wayanad

We hope that these Kerala General Knowledge questions help you refresh your knowledge about Kerala. Check for daily updates here. Comment below if any doubts/ correction requires, we are happy to help you.

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