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Kerala PSC English Tricks | Get 20/20 in Kerala PSC Exams

Kerala PSC English Tricks – This English Tips & Tricks for Kerala PSC Exams will help your  Grammer and Memory important questions pdf ca also find below paragraphs.

As we all know how important is Kerala PSC exams for getting a respectable job in government sector. There are some things that we need to take care of!.

The Kerala PSC Exam syllabus is very similar to each other so we need to make sure we cover almost all the syllabus given. We can expect questions from every corner of each subject. From that Malayalam, English, Mathematics is a separate portion and if we give more importance to those subjects we can easily grab up to 40 to 45 marks. What we need here is the basic. So let’s look how questions came from English subject. This Kerala psc English tricks will help you get extra 5 marks. When even .50 marks matters for rank making give your maximum in it.

Learn English

This is the long subject for Kerala PSC exams but if you make some tricks while studying you can get some extra marks.

  1. A. English Grammar

Types of Sentences and Interchange of Sentences,  Different Parts of Speech, Agreement of Verb and Subject, Confusion of Adjectives and Adverbs, Comparison of Adjectives, Articles, he Definite and the Indefinite Articles, Uses of Primary and Model Auxiliary Verbs, Tag Questions.  Infinitive and Gerunds, Tenses, Tenses in Conditional Tenses, Adverbs and Position of adverbs, Prepositions. The Use of Correlatives, Direct and Indirect Speech, Active and Passive voice, Correction of Sentences

  1. B. Vocabulary

Singular & Plural, Change of Gender, Collective Nouns, Word Formation from other words and use of prefix or suffix, Compound words, Synonyms. Antonyms, Phrasal Verbs, Foreign Words and Phrases, One Word Substitutes, Words often confused, Spelling Test, Idioms and their Meanings

Kerala PSC English Tricks

Simply Download the PDF files and start preparing for Kerala psc exams by this easy way.

Use of Auxiliary Verbs


Synonyms and antonyms

Passive Voice

Idioms and Phrases

English Parts of Speech

English Expected Questions

Correct Spelling of Commonly Misspelt Words

Active, Passive & Imperative and Exclamatory

Those are main syllabus subject that the questions come from. Kerala PSC English Tricks will help you find at least 5 more marks in exams, For more grammar and other topics please follow Kerala PSC English Grammar Questions & Answer. Those important questions and most repeated questions will help you get maximum marks in competitive exams.

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