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Start a Profitable Poultry Business in Kerala

Poultry farming ( chickens, geese, ducks and other fowls ) is mainly for raising birds for the purpose of meat, eggs and feather production. As chickens are very important dish, poultry farm in kerala getting more audience from many to start a business without taking much risk and investment.

Kerala is a very high consumption rate of broiler chickens and eggs. So if you are thinking for a Poultry farm in Kerala will be a great idea to run a successful business within a span of time. Commercially poultry farm is very profitable without taking much risk or a huge investment. Here are some of the short benefits of starting a poultry farm in Kerala.

Benefits of Poultry Farm in Kerala

  • The main benefit is, it doesn’t require high-quality capital for starting.
  • Poultry farm doesn’t require large space or more amenities inside it. You can even start your own backyard or inside open four corners with several birds.
  • Commercially poultry farming in Kerala ensures the high return on investment within months. Broiler chicken is the best and it takes an only shorter duration of time to ready for sale.
  • It does not require high maintenance, But we need to make sure to follow proper care and hygiene to protect them from diseases.
  • In most case, you don’t need a license for up to 90 birds. Because of the type of poultry birds are domestic, it can be easily from the relevant authority.
  • Marketing poultry products are very easy. You can sell it to nearest local market or any shops.
  • It creates employment opportunities and even uneducated one can start without looking anything. Almost all banks provide loans for those kinds of business ventures.

Broiler Poultry farming in Kerala

Broiler chicken for commercial meat production is the best practiced paultry business in Kerala. Mostly because broiler chicken becomes ready for consumption within 4 to 5 weeks of age.

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Different Methods for Poultry Farming

Indoor – Rising Method

In this method, the broilers are kept inside a house. We only need Rice hulls, light, water bowl as facilities. So we can accommodate large numbers within a small space. It’s important to keep the house clean and always dry.

Free Range Method

In this method, the broilers are kept like the free-range layers, The broiler breeds which grows slow in this method ( take more than 8 months for reaching slaughter weight ). This allows the birds to scratch for food, foraging, pecking and outdoor exercise.

Housing of Paultry

Good and sustainable housing plays a vital role in the raising of all types of poultry birds. Some birds grow well in indoor method and some in Free range method. So we should pick the right and ensure all the necessary facilities available to them. Here are some of the aspects while staring a poultry farm in Kerala.

  • Always keep sufficient space in your poultry house
  • Make sure that your poultry houses are well ventilated.
  • Ensure getting sufficient air and lights
  • Clean the house and equipment on a regular basis
  • Always be on alert for not to get any diseases.
  • Good temperature management always help to balance cold and hot
  • Clean & hygiene is an integral part also the calm and quiet place is always a good idea.

How to Feed Poultry

Feeding of high quality and nutritious food and water always good for better health. Include vitamins and nutritious menu daily. Poultry feeds are available in market you buy them in good quality to get for little lower price. Along with food also give sufficient fresh and clean water as per their need.

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How to Care Poultry

Good care and hygine enviranmet is always good for any animals or poultry birds. Learn different ways of caring poultry from diseases. Timely vaccines is very important, State government sets classes for those kind of business. You can contact Kerala Poultry Develpoment Cordportation for any doubts regarding the poultry farm in kerala.

How to Market Poultry

Marketing of poultry products are very easy, As its product have huge demand all over the state and even around the globe.. You can sell it to your local markets or supermarkets. In short its very profitable business idea in kerala. You can also visit nearest farmer to clear our doubts and various types of poultry birds.

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Hope you get clearn idea to start a poultry farm in kerala. If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us through commenting below.

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