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Top 9 Small Business Ideas Kerala for Low Investment [Updated]

Are you looking for small scale business ideas in Kerala to start your new business? Here are some of the best lists to start small business ideas Kerala you can start with a small investment. Kerala is one the state India with high literacy rate and 100 % digital.

The Kerala government supports startups to built their brand. So here you have good opportunity to start a business in Kerala. The state offers low operating costs for start-ups.

Among a long list, we shortlisted some of the best and most trustful ways to start a business in Kerala.

Small Business Ideas Kerala

Let’s check some of the small business ideas Kerala to start working with.

1. Chicken Farm

Chicken farming is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of making good money. As we all know Kerala’s consumption of Chicken is very high when comparing to any other states and what we are doing is, purchasing it from states like Tamil Nadu, Ramakkal, Andra Pradesh. You can start from 10 to 20 broiler and increase the numbers when you get enough for it.

2. Photography

As a tourism promoting state, we can make most out of it. Ts considered as one of the most profitable business to start on low investment. If you have some photography skill it’s better not wasting time.

3. Goat Farm

If you have some land with enough grass and water source then Goat farming will be more suitable for you. Because goats got good demand in markets and you can earn double of spending money within a span of time. It’s so much easier than caring Cows, Malabarie and Jamna pyari is the best bread among all in our climate and conditions.

4. Blog Writing

Blogs rated as one of the best among the rest to make money on a small investment. If you have any product or services to sell, there’s no any better way than online. Also, you can use other tools like Adsense ads, Affiliates etc for extra money. In small business ideas Kerala or anywhere it always on top spot because we can’t say how much we can earn and how well our products get viral like hot cake.

You need to have a basic idea first, then contact any Web hosting and Web developing company.

I recommend Aspirebee Software Lab because I had excellent experience with them giving best services. You can call them one this number 93 88 93 93 94 for any help for web hosting and web development.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like a hidden treasure in Kerala. Most of them don’t have idea about affiliate marketing. Let me explain in short, If you have a product to sell ( e.g.: Handicraft ) but don’t know which medium to use for it.

There’s many online companies like Flipkart, Amazon, EBay etc. Select best affiliate commission provider. Next sell your product on their website, you get paid approximately 70 – 80% of that product. You can also contact me for more below comment box.

6. Tour Guide

As a keralite we all know how popular we are across the globe. Is considered as one of the zero investment business. If you know pin point knowledge about tourist places in Kerala you can be a Tour Guide. It’s not that simple, you need to know languages like English, Hindi, and way of communication is the must. You can earn thousands each day as salary and tip of huge money.

7. Seasonal Products

You may know that Jackfruit is one of the most wasting fruit in Kerala. It has great demand within the state outside Country. We can make the different type of products from it like raw jackfruit, Chips, Seeds powder etc.

8. Travel Agency

The state’s growth in tourist flow is just increasing graphs going like a rocket. Kerala is listed in one of the 14 must visit places in the world. Our cultural difference,  backwaters and natural beauties are explores most of them. Do you even thought how they came? Travel agency is the simple answer. If you have some contacts and great communication skills you can be one the profitable business owner.

9. Tuition Class

Part time tuition class is another way to earn money. There’s very much opportunity tuition class. If you have enough qualification, knowledge about subject and space, then go for it. You can increase the student’s number slowly and if you need teachers as well.

Thank you for your patience, we only listed best small business ideas Kerala to start with. If you have any idea to add, please drop your comment below.

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