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Top 5 Success Tips to Win Kerala PSC Exams 2019

Are you eager to Win Kerala PSC exams 2019? This article will help you find some tips for PSC win. Other than a normal job, Government job has high priority in the state. It gives good social respect and more secure other than your specialized industry jobs. That’s what the main reason thousands of candidates participating and try their knowledge into a respectable job.

To succeed in those competitive exams you should have a clear planning/ to make your mindset to work hard. Below mentioned How to Win Kerala PSC Exams 2019 will help you a far way to achieve your goal within months.

Even if there are only one Vacancy and thousands of participants, don’t worry and believe in yourself you can definitely win. For making into the main rank list, you need to score more than 70% on the exam. There are many things that will help you to achieve your goal. Those tricks and tips will help you prepare well for competitive exams.

How to Win Kerala PSC Exams 2019

  • Know Your Syllabus

Normally, Over the years Kerala PSC exams following same syllabus other than some slight change. So it is important that you should have a clear idea about all the topics in the exam syllabus. Because questions may hit each corner of the subject.

It’s not an easy task to start studying and to understand whole in a week or month. You can test your knowledge by solving previous year questions and even every stage while studying each subject too.

As we all know PSC normally repeats about 5% of previous year questions. It also helps to understand how the questions asked and how fast you can do for each task. As because of high competition you need a well-planned exam preparation to cross the line.

  • Systematic Planning

As we know planning is very important at every stage of our life. Like someone said “ Planning makes a man perfect “ which also means the same that it allows us to work or study accordingly. So systematic planning is the main step while you start something.

The study plan should cover all the topics with giving equal importance to all. Short notes, Mock test, Revision, Previous question paper solving will help you and give more confidence. Short notes will help you reducing revision times and improves your memory power. It’s very important when you eager to win Kerala psc exams 2019.

  • Mock Test & Revision

Mock tests and revision is a considerably third step that you need to follow after completing each subject which will help you to manage your time well.  Try not to study new topics a few hours before the exam it will your confusion and stress. You have to conduct repeated revisions mainly in Mathematics, English and Malayalam/ Tamil to have a refreshed clear idea at the last moment.

  • Time Management

After your studies go according to the planning, you have to give some importance to Time management. Because even if you studied well and can’t able to manage your time definitely don’t help you.  So practice from the beginning mostly on solving maths problems those makes you more time-consuming. You can do that by conducting the mock test as previously said.

  • Be Happy and Stay Healthy

What most of the candidates do studies sleeplessly last months before the exam times, what it makes is it destroys their mental alertness and also face some tiredness and cause of some health problems as well. To improve your physical and mental health, drink enough water, don’t smoke or drink, a good diet, sleep enough and have some self-confidence that you can face anything. So go to bed early and walk up early to start fresh every day.


If you are not aware of Kerala PSC Thulasi One Time Registration, first follow this post and do accordingly. Hope that this article helped you to look forward to your career. Stay connected for more tips for your studies.  Best of luck.

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